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Our Belief is that the core of substandard quality, and below average performance is attributed to complacency. This common trait doesn't affect service industry employees alone; It hinders people across the world in normal life everyday. MasterClean's hiring process is stringent. It involves various phases, to eliminate non-eligible candidates. Firstly, we thoroughly screen each individual with a standard background check. Then a brief look at their financial situation. If an applicant passes these two very important stages, then it's off to training. Ninety hours of education in safety,  basic and smart cleaning, equipment use, Green Seal compliance methods, and most importantly,  Do's and Don'ts of proper cleaning procedures the "MasterClean WAY".  Lastly, a written and performance test (hands on) is given before certifying an individual to be cleared for crew assignment. All employees are assigned to existing service crews, from a geographical perspective. All crews consists of 1 supervisor per eight employees. Our ​​crew sizes range from 2 to 30, depending on the size of a particular location, and the needs of the client. Quality. Reliability. Dependability. Integrity. These principles define excellence. These ethics define MasterClean.